All our product groups at a glance

Often the components of our product groups are used in identical application ranges. We offer you to present the relevant products on a visit at your company!

Ferrite Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube is the leading manufacturer of soft magnetic ferrites. The extremely extensive range of products is used in virtually all electromagnetic applications. As successor company of Philips Magnetic Components Ferroxcube can based on this long-standing expertise, today produce technically superior ferrites, develop innovative materials for future-oriented products and offer extensive know-how to solve a large number of specific applications. Megatron has over 30 years partners of Ferroxcube in Switzerland.

High Performance Technical Ceramics

The secret of the exceptional properties of the ceramic components of Doceram is partly due to the high-quality materials, on the other hand in the manufacturing process, which is based on many years of experience. Technical ceramics are indispensable in where high thermal load capacity, wear resistance and impact resistance is required. Doceram produces besides standard parts also user specified components.

Measuring and control systems for positioning

Givi Misure manufactures high quality optical and magnetic linear measuring systems, rotary encoders, position controllers and digital readouts. The innovative products are used wherever a precise measurement or control of machinery or apparatus is required.


Permanent magnets, pot and electromagnets today have in various applications a significant role. Particularly in electrical engineering as they are irreplaceable in dynamos, motors or relays.


To protect assemblies and to make resistant to environmental influences, it needs encapsulants. We supply a wide variety of resins with a wide range of different properties.

Amorphous C-Cores

High saturation induction - low losses - low cost. These are the attributes for C-Cores of amorphous iron-based alloys, especially suitable for chokes at high current ripple. Also available in custom specified design.


Components made of ceramic materials, which show at a deformation by an external force, an electric charge separation. We supply a large range of ex-Philips types.

Leaded Inductors

This components are suitable for decoupling, noise reduction, signal filtering and interference suppression. We supply both standard types and custom specified components.

Industrial Speakers

Our selection of speakers and acoustic components includes both the smallest dimensions, for example in mobile phones, as well as larger dimensions, e.g. for the automotive industry.