FERROXCUBE provides highly reliable Ferrite Cores for Consumer applications not only allow more technical possibilities, but also contribute to the reduction of power consumption. Due to the increasing intensive use of electronic devices, the electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) has become increasingly important. Ferroxcube’s product portfolio includes a complete range of toroids, beads, multilayer suppressor, bobbins and cable shielding cores for various application fields.


Frame & BAR cores

  • Materials: 3C90, 3C91
  • for LCD backlight transformers


EPX Cores

  • Materials: 3E55, 3E6, 3C94, 3C96, 3F35
  • Enlarged cross-section of the center pole
  • The same power density as EP cores in a smaller volume
  • for ADSL broadband applications


EMI Suppression

  • SMD beads, common mode choke coils
  • High impedance in a wide frequency spectrum