The specifications and tolerances for industrial applications are generally very demanding and critical. FERROXCUBE has a large experience in offering customized products for some of the most important scientific institutions and companies. We provide professional technology for soft magnetic industrial solutions, such as ballast systems, automation and control systems. You will find on our site special features that make our products for industrial applications particularly suitable.



  • High frequencies (13.56MHz) RFID Tag
  • High magnetic permeability enhances Windungswirkung
  • for property marking and process control


ETD Cores

  • Materials: 3C90, 3C94, 3C95, 3C96, 3F3, 3F35
  • Lower weight and volume for power transmission
  • for ballast systems


U Cores

  • Materials: 3C90, 3C91, 3C94, 3C11, 3C81, 3E27
  • Maximum power transfer
  • for switch mode power supplies (SMPS), UPS