Ferroxcube owns the technical facilities to produce small series of custom cores through CNC machining and other special procedures such as lathe, grinding, cutting or assembly.

Specialty Ferrites
This capability allows the production of shapes which would not be feasible by standard methods; e.g. Multi-axis cores or very large cores for scientific, high-tech industrial and medical applications. Special attention should be paid to the extensive range of materials and shapes for particle accelerators, including 500 mm rings, blocks and large P-type cores.


materialsµi  at 25 ° CBsat (mT) at
25 ° C (1200 A/m)
Tc(° C)p (Ωm)Ferrit-TypВata sheet
4B3250≈ 360≥ 335≈ 105NiZndownload PDF
4E225≈ 350≥ 400≈ 105NiZndownload PDF
4M2140≈ 310≥ 200≈ 105NiZndownload PDF
8C111200≈ 310≥ 125≈ 105NiZndownload PDF
8C12900≈ 260≥ 125≈ 105NiZndownload PDF

Available core types: Toroids