Telecommunications was the first large-scale application of ferrite cores. Nowadays, contrary to a variety of predictions, telecommunications is still an important market for ferrite cores. The most important applications are filter coils and signal converters. For filter applications, a high quality factor (Q), good temperature stability and low losses are desired. Pulse and signal transformers are often used in communication systems, including modern digital networks such as ISDN and XDSL.


P cores

  • Materials: 3C91, 3D3, 3H3, 3E27, 3F3
  • Outstanding magnetic shield
  • For filter coils and power transmission


RM Cores

  • Materials: 3H3, 3D3
  • Without center hole
  • Compact design
  • Extensive selection of bobbins


EP Cores

  • Materials: 3C94, 3C96, 3F35, 3B46, 3E55, 3E6
  • Cubic design for dense arrangement
  • For pulse and signal Transformer