Piezoceramic parts are manufactured from ceramic materials, components which show the action of a deformation by an external force a charge separation.
If the material for, for example, is pressurized and deformed, electrically charged regions are formed either on the top or bottom or on opposite lateral surfaces. This is referred to as the direct piezoelectric effect.
Conversely, can be caused by applying an electrical voltage and a resultant deformation charge formation. This is called the inverse piezoelectric effect.

For natural occurring materials, this effect is very small, therefore, such. As lead zirconate titanate (PZT) were improved ceramics, developed which are now used in piezo technology.

Examples of applications include the quartz oscillator as a clock in watches, as an actuator in fuel injection, as pickups in musical instruments, with speaker systems, in the ultrasonic and sonar technology, for instruments in the medical sector, etc.
In addition, piezoelectric ceramic components are indispensable in almost all areas of sensor technology .
your property charge separation in deformation is also used to measure forces and it also indirectly accelerations.


piezo formen

Piezo devices are available in a variety of forms

piezo discs

piezoelectric disks