RFID Ferroxtag

Ferroxtag is a new family of high-frequency RFID tags for use on metallic objects. Thanks to a high-performance ferrite antenna of the day required for similar reading ranges far less area than standard inlays.

Ferroxtag’s key feature is the orientation of the field, which activates the application: it is not perpendicular to the identified parallel position but, which means that the performance is nearly independent of the material of the to be identified object.

The Ferroxtag antenna core is an outstanding high-permeable ferrite material which improves the performance of the coil, which can be the size of the coil is reduced

µi25 ºC; ≤10 kHz; 1mT250 ± 20%250 ± 20%450 ± 20%
αF (K-1)-40 to 85 ºC; ≤10 kHz; 1mT~25 x 10-6~1 x 10-6~0 x 10-6
tg δ/µi25 ºC; 3 MHz; 1mT<300 x 10-6<300 x 10-6<1000 x 10-6
Tc (ºC)>250>335>115
µi25 ºC; ≤10 kHz; 1mT2300 ± 20%2300 ± 20%
αF (K-1)20 to 70 ºC; ≤10 kHz; 1mT~5 x 10-6<(0±0.6)x10-6
tg δ/µi25 ºC; 500 kHz; 1mT<100 x 10-6<100 x 10-6
Tc (ºC)>220>220