Technical High Performance Ceramics

The Product

Wear resistant, hard, tough, dimensionally stable, non-magnetic, electrically non-conductive, heat-resistant. This is high-performance ceramics. Their use can be found in industrial applications of all kinds.  The most essential industries are mechanical engineering, as well as the welding technique, in which ceramic components due to their typical properties are increasingly being used. Low-wear components with lifetimes that exceed conventional metallic materials significantly, thereby serve to increase process safety and minimize risks in production.

The Art of Making

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Advanced technical ceramics receives its special characteristics only in the manufacturing process, called sintering. It is primarily about the targeted modulation of the microstructures of a structural component. The properties of the final product may vary namely quite – even from the same feedstock. Core competence DOCERAM is therefore to safely control the manufacturing process of components and parts made from advanced ceramics in all phases. Starting with the composition of the raw mixture through the molding to the sintering processes.


Advanced technical ceramics features a variety of advantageous technical properties and corresponding there to in many industrial machines and processes used. Therefore, we support you, offering our expert consultancy. Are you just on the construction of a new plant? Do you have production problems, eg. as material wearing? Looking for an innovative development of your installations? We show you ways and recommend you on our products.