Advanced technical ceramics in devices.
Many possibilities, no limits.

The fixture as a special form of tool concerned with the production of equipment for processing, handling, inspection and assembly of workpieces, preliminary or final products by means of certain operations such as drilling, welding, adjusting, clamping or loading. This involves processes that need to be exactly reproduced in large quantities in order to ensure a consistent quality of the machined parts. The producing equipment proves to be a complex and expensive process, not least because they are often made only as individual pieces or in small series.

In many places advanced ceramics is this a perfect “all-purpose”. It is chemically, thermally and mechanically extremely wear resistant and therefore for parts suchrecordings, guides, bearings or fixations ideal. Even standard products such ascylinder, recording and positioning that from stock in many sizes are available with us, are useful especially creative in devices. Limits there while few options many.