Check Six years without failure. Which material can still?

Every electrical appliance – washing machines to vehicle components – must be checked for proper functioning prior to being delivered. Alone in the mobile production must be inspected annually over a billion devices. And it will be tested not only the finished electrical products, but also their individual mechatronic components. Is correspondingly high mechanical wear, which are subject to the testing equipment.Especially the contact pins in conventional test plugs wear out very quickly. Advanced technical ceramics makes this situation, because it is extremely wear and crushproof.

Ceramic recordings can stay up to six years without problems in use. Interruptions that might otherwise by the wear of conventional recordings are an everyday occurrence in high-performance ceramics are extremely rare. In addition, ceramic insulated electrically and behaves electromagnetically neutral, so that it affects neither test currents even the sensitive electronic components. The dangerous micro chips that may be incurred when using metallic materials and cause inter alia shorts on printed circuit boards, there is not at high-performance ceramics.