Anwendungen Keramik Schweisstechnik

Advanced technical ceramics helps when welding. With Cerazur -Zentrierstiften, gas nozzles , ceramic wire guides and more.

Also in the welding technology, there are numerous possibilities for components made from advanced ceramics. And here also the material properties of this material play a decisive role.

Thus equipped, for example, bending-resistant and impact-resistant ceramic welding pins from our blue ceramic Cerazur ® over a 40-times longer compared to parts made from conventional materials. Further applications are gas nozzle , gas distributor and ceramic wire guides, preventing the clogging of the welding wire in the device. With a wide range of products, ranging from standard single parts to complex, configurable welding devices, optimizes and streamlines DOCERAM with components made from advanced ceramics the welding process at several critical points.