Assemblies can be found mainly in machinery and equipment manufacturing andmanufacturing technology .
It is a complex structure sections for specific tasks and functions. We can Exposing this our welding devices and test plug, each consisting of several individual parts, with key points are made of high-performance ceramics. The aim is, easier and safer to make in equipment, systems and production lines through the use of highly wear-resistant components, the processes than is possible with conventional materials. In many cases, provides high-performance ceramics from our perspective as a superior alternative material to hardened steel.

Bild zu Baugruppe Keramik Stahl Stifte

Various pin forms such as positioning: assembly ceramic and steel

Bild zu Baugruppe Keramik Kunststoff Prüfstecker

Test Plugs : module with ceramic, plastic and metal

As composite solutions we denote components which composed of several materialsare.
Parts in which only the exposed areas of high-performance ceramics are made, the support group, however, from a less expensive material such as a fiber-composite material.
Examples are gripping arms or handling elements in electronics manufacturing.

Bild zu Verbund Keramik GFK GreifarmPicker : composite solution
ceramics and GRP

Bild zu Verbund Keramik GFK PassfederFeather : composite solution ceramics and GRP

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